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AAD in children

Andreas (13), BrazilAndreas had been suffering from acute bronchitis, an inflammation of the lungs that can last several days or weeks if antibiotics are not taken. Since a previous experience with antibiotics resulted in severe and prolonged diarrhea, his mother became concerned when he was prescribed antibiotics to treat the bronchitis. To ensure a full and speedy recovery, his doctor gave him Floratil (Saccharomyces boulardii from Biocodex), a probiotic which helps protect the gastro-intestinal system from the diarrhea antibiotics can cause.

Dr. Ana Laura Solis, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaUp to 30% of patients taking antibiotics suffer from diarrhea. Dr. Solis explains how antibiotics, in their destruction of harmful bacteria, also destroy beneficial and necessary bacteria with them, thus causing damage to the intestine that leads to diarrhea and other symptoms. She explains that taking the yeast probiotic Saccharomyces boulardii from Biocodex during a course of antibiotics can effectively counter the harm, and help promote a speedy recovery.