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To date no overdosage has been reported neither in clinical trials nor spontaneously (pharmacovigilance). We recommend complying with the package insert.

S. boulardii from Biocodex is well tolerated. The side effects are uncommon generally of mild to moderate intensity, resolving spontaneously (constipation, epigastralgia, allergic reaction, thirst, pruritus).

S. boulardii is contra-indicated for the prevention and treatment of diarrhea in patients with central venous catheter (CVC) because very rare cases of fungemia occurred in hospitalized patients with a CVC. In those isolated cases, the yeast was directly introduced in the blood, which lead to a sepsis. Because the contamination is probably of exogenic origin, special caution is advised if S. boulardii is handled near these patients. S. boulardii should be administered orally as directed in the package insert (refer to the package insert for the mode of administration).

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