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The lyophilization process ensures an optimal number of living S. boulardii cells when put into a suspension. This process guarantees the quality of the drug, the viability of the cells, and the stability in time. Only S. boulardii from Biocodex is lyophilized.

It was discovered by Dr. Henri Boulard in the mid 1920's and marketed by Biocodex since 1953. It has been registered as a drug since 1961.

S. boulardii from Biocodex has been on the market for more than 50 years and is today available in more than 100 countries. The success of S. boulardii has earned it the title of the number 1 probiotic drug worldwide in the treatment of diarrhea. Since it was first commercialized, S. boulardii has achieved the top of the probiotic market in scientific evidence, global sales and coverage, years of experience and patients treated.

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