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The quantity of lactose is very low – 6.5 mg – in one capsule of 50mg, which is generally well accepted by patients. In case of doubt please refer to your practitioner.

S. boulardii is effective and indicated in the prevention of antibiotic-associated diarrhea*, and can be administered alongside any antibiotics. S. boulardii is a yeast, and therefore is resistant to antibiotics. The mixture won't alter the properties of S. boulardiior its efficacy.

*This efficacy has been demonstrated in a number of clinical trials in children as well as adults.

To date, no tests have been performed with S. boulardii in pregnant woman.

With caution. S. boulardii is not excreted in breast milk.

S. boulardii preparations are contraindicated in a patient who is hypersensitive to one of the preparation's ingredients.

If not otherwise mentioned in your package insert, diabetics should take into account that S. boulardii 50 mg capsules contain less than 100mg of sucrose (Sucrose in 100mg caps in UATAM and in 250mg caps in Portugal). S. boulardii sachets contain fructose, and therefore can be administered to diabetic patients.

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